Crown 3.0 – A New Day at Crown

As Crown begins its fourth decade, we have a renewed vision for bringing God’s practical financial principles to people across the globe, while continuing to help them respond to the overwhelming financial challenges they face.

Through partnering with churches and local financial coaches, we’re seeing significant opportunity to develop faithful stewards capable of not only transforming their own personal finances, but also impacting every sphere of society.

So to better align with the clear purpose that has emerged, there are some strategic changes that we’re making over the next few month in the following areas:

Using God’s financial principles to impact the world.  Crown will continue to remain true to our core competencies on content and instruction that is biblically based, practical, and reflect God’s financial principles.  Our renewed focus will engage people around the world in new and innovative ways, and enable individuals to apply these principles to erode significant threats facing God’s economy including corruption, poverty, and materialism.

Expanding our reach through less expensive, more impacting means.  Our content, and delivery of that content, will be structured to better align with how people are accessing media and information.  This will include exiting our daily 30-minute radio programming, and expanding our efforts in short-form radio, video-casting, social media, podcasting and short-form film.  We’ve already seen great success and impact in using new, more affordable media and educational tools.

Training and empowering faithful stewards.  In order to reach as many people as possible with God’s truth we are applying the same principles we teach globally, internally at Crown. Our operations, global focus and educational resources will be leveraged to provide consistent, high-quality products in more cost-effective and efficient means. As a result of this commitment to aligning our resources with the direction God has laid before us it has required a reduction of our staff.  This is a decision we have not taken lightly, if anything, it is the most painful decision we have had to make because it impacts our colleagues and friends who are family to us.  In applying the Biblical financial principles we teach people around the world to our internal operations, we’ve found ways to be more effective and better stewards of the donations graciously provided by the friends of this ministry.  This includes removing redundancies, outsourcing key functions, and focusing our delivery channels. Wherever possible however, we are hoping to contract with some of those staff leaving us to provide operational and support services that are costly to keep inside the organization.  Simply, we are shrinking our infrastructure to increase the resources that could be invested directly into increased ministry impact.

While we will continue serving individuals that desire to be faithful stewards and manage their resources according to Biblical principles – in 2011 we are recommitting ourselves to make disciples in every nation.  We have seen more and more impact in this area over recent years and are very excited about the direction the Lord is taking us.

I’ll continue to update you in the days ahead.  Check back regularly for updates, frequently asked questions, and success stories of Crown’s impact throughout the world.  I covet your prayers for those who will be leaving Crown, for the team that will carry the mission forward, for our board of directors, and for me…that I will follow the Lord’s direction with boldness, courage, and humility.  I invite you to join me as we embark on a new day for Crown Financial Ministries!

About Chuck Bentley

CEO, Crown Mininstries
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