Missions Fest 2011

The door to greater impact is swinging wide open!

Missions Fest Photo

Missions Fest Lancaster 2011 setting up for the showing of “Abraham and Isaac.”

I just returned from Missions Fest Lancaster in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  This annual event draws about 2,000 mission agency leaders and workers from around the USA.  The photo shows the main ballroom where we were setting up to show “Abraham & Issac.”  I had the privilege of being one of the keynote speakers at this year’s event, and it was so exciting to see thousands of eager, capable people catch the vision of taking our “God Provides™” films to the ends of the earth.  I will have more on this in future blog posts.

A couple of notable connections were made at the event.  Gracia Burnham of New Tribes Missions gave her testimony.  Powerful.  We will have her on as a future MoneyLife™ podcast guest.  Her story will blow you away.  I also had the privilege of meeting Jamie Saint, grandson of Nate Saint.  Check out the link to the I-Tec flying car Steve and Jamie Saint are developing.  Fascinating advancements in missions work.

God is at work.  Glad to have you on this journey with us!


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One Response to Missions Fest 2011

  1. Kelvin Smith says:

    In all honesty, I question giving Gracia Burnham a featured place on your show. She and her husband actively sought to be released from captivity through payment of a ransom, in direct contradiction of the policy of their and virtually every other mission agency. (If it were known that kidnapping missionaries would result in ransoms being paid, they would be much more vulnerable targets.) One actually was paid, but Abu Sayyaf decided they could get more and so held onto the hostages. That the money didn’t come from the mission agency is irrelevant. Knowing that ransom money went to fund Abu Sayyaf’s soldiers, they eased their minds by praying (“trusting the Lord”) that the money somehow wouldn’t buy a weapon, which is about like praying for a bullet not to hurt someone when you point a gun at them and pull the trigger.

    While I grieve for the death of her husband and the terrible time they both went through, the fact remains that they selfishly wanted to get relief by risking others–by violating a policy that they had previously agreed to. That’s not something worth celebrating, in my opinion.

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