Two new MoneyLife™ Podcasts feature Jonni McCoy and Japan Update

Take some time out today to go to and listen to the 2 new podcasts we have available.  We recently touched base with Richard and Mickie Lee of Fresno, California.  Richard and Mickie are Crown coordinators in the central California area.  Mickie is originally from Japan and much of her family is living there today.  We spoke with Richard and Mickie about the situation developing in Japan and about how we can help the people in that devastated country.  Be sure to give it a listen [click here].

We also caught up with our friend, Jonni McCoy on the topics of Spring Cleaning and Yard Sales.  Jonni gets down to earth and practical with some great tips for getting your house in order, de-cluttering, and making a few bucks along the way.  Jonni is an expert on shopping and frugal living. A versatile author and public speaker, Jonni’s first book achieved best-seller status, giving people a refreshing perspective on being frugal — one that refused to give up a sense of class or fun. I think you’ll enjoy listening to and sharing this podcast.  [click here]

If there’s a topic you want me to cover, or a story you think we should comment on in future podcasts, please let me know.  You can add your voice to this discussion right here by making a comment below.  And thank you for following the blog and sharing it with others!




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One Response to Two new MoneyLife™ Podcasts feature Jonni McCoy and Japan Update

  1. Kyler Cole says:

    Chuck, it’s great not to have the time constraints as you did with the radio show. It gives you more time to ask open-ended questions and explore the topics. I always learn something from the shows.

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