It’s Official! My son, Todd, is an Army Ranger!

For those of you who have been praying for Todd, I wanted to report that Sunday evening, about 10:30, we got the call from Todd, his voice tired, letting us know that he passed Ranger School.

We all whooped and hollered, and congratulated him…and 3 minutes later the conversation was over.  As I hung up the phone I reflected on the life of my son.  In moments, I was transported back to his childhood and a flood of memories filled my mind.  What a wonderful moment for us all.

Raising children is hard work.  If you’re a parent I need to say no more.  Sacrificing, investing, celebrating, comforting, disciplining, forgiving, and loving…sometimes all in a single day! Our work is never done, and often thankless.  But in that moment, reminiscing about my 2nd son, seeing the years of hard work bearing fruit, my only response was to praise the One Who made it all possible.  Todd is on loan from God to Ann and me, and our prayer is and has been, to be faithful stewards of that amazing gift.  We are so excited that he will have a few days at home with us!

Todd’s journey is far from over, in fact, in some ways it is just starting.  In too short a time, he will board a flight to Afghanistan and serve his country there.  I would ask for your prayers for Todd as he enters this next phase in his military experience: that God would protect him and his fellow Rangers from harm, and that he might continue to become the man that God intends him to become.

Thank you for your prayers.  They mean more than you know.














About Chuck Bentley

CEO, Crown Mininstries
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4 Responses to It’s Official! My son, Todd, is an Army Ranger!

  1. Mickey Garverick says:

    Dear Chuck and Todd –

    You can both be equally proud of Todd’s completion of Ranger School. It is a tough course and it take dedication, commitment, and “true grit” to get through it. Todd did it and Chuck, you and your family instilled those values in Todd to help him realize that he could do it. I am very happy for all of your for this great achievement and designatation. We need more warriors like Todd.


    Mickey Garverick

  2. Ron says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m sure your very proud…oooraaahh!!!

  3. Scott says:

    Wow, that is amazing and what an accomplishment. May God continue to bless and watch over Todd.

  4. Jeff Benfield says:

    What an accomplishment! I’ll keep you in my prayers especially when you deploy to Afghanistan.

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