Update From The Amazon Pt 2

We are in Itapiranga. The pastor here calls it “the end of the world” because it is so remote. We drove for 10 hours on a bus packed with pastors excited to join the God Provides™ mission to the remote Amazon villages. They are deeply moved by the films. In the church service last night we showed Widow & Oil and Lifted Up. We were demonstrating how to use it in the villages. Four people received Christ in the church. Three were young ladies. One mother told us with tears how overjoyed she was.

The people here are very polite, shy, reserved, warm and generous. They have welcomed us with open arms. Many believe this is the resource they have prayed for. One pastor traveled 3 hours by boat and 3 by bus to meet us in the evening two days in a row! He is called to the “un-reached” areas. I want to get them small projectors soon.

Our hotel was an experience last night. There is no hot water for showers since it is always hot outside. Chased a few geckos out. Dengue fever warning signs posted on walls of hotel. No mosquito nets. Very good for us to be in their environment. The four of us slept in our clothes.

Our bus has been broken down for several hours at a gas station. Four men under the hood. We are due back in Manaus tonight for a dinner with a church of 2,000 that meets under an open air tent. Our flight to Curitiba leaves at 4:00am!

The people, the forest, the river…all beautiful. This is a magnificent part of God’s creation. We are blessed to be serving here. I observed that we are not giving love here, we are exchanging the same love of God that is in our hearts.

For those who have wondered if God Provides™ was worth the time and money, wonder no more. It has been cast into the hands of capable partners here who are reaching the intended audience. My heart overflows every time we see the people clap, cheer and cry as we show a film. When I interact, they get it. A little boy answered my question after Widow & Oil, “what was the problem facing the widow?” he raised his hand among all the adults. Since he was in front I could see him. He said “she got debt.” The crowd loved it. He was probably five years old.

Not enough bandwidth to send photos here; 3G allows this quick update. Pictures will be following when possible. Probably will put all video on a DVD. We must bring our partners here in the future.

Rejoice, you are impacting the world for Jesus Christ.

–Chuck Bentley–

About Chuck Bentley

CEO, Crown Mininstries
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