Onto Curitiba!

It is 2:00 am local time and we are on the bus to the airport to fly from Manaus to Curitiba.  After the harrowing taxi from the remote village yesterday, we showered, allowed John and Luke to swim in the hotel pool, ate dinner and went to bed by 9:00 pm. I told the boys our trip was half over and they both said they would be sad to leave.

Every year we chose a mission trip to attend as a family. We personally pay for the flights, passports, shots and expenses. My hope is that my sons will receive an education, be discipled, and have joy sharing experiences with us.  Although the cost has been high, all of the objectives are being met, and that is priceless. The older men like the boys; they tell jokes, laugh and say that Luke must be Brazilian! He especially loves all the attention.

The people are so warm and expressive. Every meal is an event and at times an adventure in itself. The pastors have told many of their stories and testimonies during the bus journeys. Our hearts are full of faith and joy of the Lord. I realize what a great family we are a part of in Christ. We are His people, regardless of where we are from. The language we speak, the color of our skin or the problems we may have are the same because our hearts are united by the Holy Spirit. There is no human enterprise so vast, so beautiful or so important as the Church.

We are at the airport now, it’s 2.40 am.  Stay tuned for our next update from Curitiba!

–Chuck Bentley–

About Chuck Bentley

CEO, Crown Mininstries
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3 Responses to Onto Curitiba!

  1. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the updates from Brazil. Many have brought me to tears. I was humbled to read about the pastor who traveled 3 hours by boat and 3 hours by bus to watch the God Provides films. May God give all of us the same hunger for His Word that Brazilians have. Blessings to you, your family, and the Crown team that is serving alongside you.

  2. Marlus says:


    I had the graceful opportunity to hear the brothers in Lord on the “3a. Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular” in Curitiba. We listen a encourage word and watched a movie about Abraham and Isaac.

  3. Thanks you missionary! In your comparison about cars “gospeled” to us, in Four Square – Curitiba – Brazil, God touched my hard telling: “see my son Chuck “gospeling”! Now, you know why the best car in the world calls BENTLEY”!
    God bless you a lot!

    (Explanation about word “Gospel”. I didn’t know, but the etymology from “gospel” word is “God” plus verb “Spell”, and that last comes by German “Spielen” meaning “to play”. Then, I advise the US Christian people to use the noun “Gospel” like a verb “To Gospel”. Here in Brazil we do this verbalization.)

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