Day One in the Amazon

We just arrived at Florianopolis, Brazil and for once, I have a great internet connection! We’ve got an exciting new video of our first day in the Amazon region for you to see, but first I want to share some “behind the scenes” stuff that’s been happening.

We’ve been in Brazil now for two weeks, and we’ve met with so many church groups and individuals that I’ve lost count. I do know that since we arrived, I’ve had a speaking opportunity or introduced the God Provides films or both at least once a day, except one. Wow, we’ve been busy to say the least! Our bodies are tired but our hearts are full of joy with all that God is doing here. Last night, I visited 3 Crown small groups in a church that chose not to attend the larger meeting where I was speaking because they were “doing their Crown class.” (These were children’s groups!)

I am learning more and more of the great need for Crown’s ministry here. Every store prices their items three ways on the tag: the cash price, the “3 payments same as cash” price and the payment plan which is typically a fixed number of 10 payments. Built into that low monthly payment number is an interest rate of around 30%! Many people buy everything on store credit and pay this high interest. Consumer items, cars and clothes are all more expensive than in the US. I think this may be why we have so many very capable and dedicated volunteer leaders in Brazil.

I have been blessed with a wonderful translator. His name is Dinart. Please pray for his strength as he has to work harder than me at all these events. He is an incredible man who is loved by all because of his genuine interest in the lives of everyone we meet. He will be a lifelong friend of our family as will so many others who have hosted us.

So many other things have happened since we’ve been here, the tornadoes in the US, the death of Osama Bin Laden, one of my uncles passed away, my oldest son, Hank, witnessed a high a high school girl get hit by a car in Dallas and gave her first aid while the paramedics were en route to the scene. Please pray for this girl, we’re told she’s fighting for her life in the hospital today.

Paulo, Crown’s national director in Brazil, had to leave us to be with his father who is undergoing emergency surgery today. Pray for their family too. As of right now, we do not have an update from him. All of this to say, life is short and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord to our utmost.

Everyday I thank God for our staff around the world, the partners who invest in our work to make the mission possible and for the incredible Truth of God’s Word that transforms lives of every tribe, every tongue and every culture. What an unequaled privilege to know Him and make Him known.

Now here’s the latest video showing our first day in the Amazon region. I hope you like bus rides! 🙂

–Chuck Bentley–

Crown Videocast – Amazon Day 1 from Crown Financial Ministries on Vimeo.

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