We are home!

We are back from Brazil!

Ann and I are recovering from colds. Dave and Cyndi Ball are doing better! PTL. We  will try to add some of the great footage from the trip that we could not post while in country due to internet connection challenges.  It was a very productive mission! I am so encouraged by all that God is doing in Brazil.  It seems unreal that together we will have the opportunity to impact over 1,000,000 lives in one country in one year.  It makes me feel very humble and grateful for God’s favor.

I just learned that Crown’s National Director, Paulo Maximo, father passed away shortly after we left.  We rejoice that his father was a godly man who leaves a wonderful legacy and is home with the Lord.  Please pray for Paulo and Regina.  Also pray for Pastor Nobu Handa who is going to be a very busy man getting over 10,000 churches ready to launch God Provides in October!

Two more quick things – 1) I just joined Facebook, so let’s be friends!  and 2) I am wrapping up the final edits to my first book, “The Root of Riches.”  Please pray for God’s favor as we are targeting to release it this July.

Thanks for joining us in this incredible journey to multiple God’s stewards around the world!

–Chuck Bentley–

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CEO, Crown Mininstries
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3 Responses to We are home!

  1. Christopher P Dyer says:

    Welcome home, (well, I’m actually in Canada)
    I am very happy that the trip and mission turned out as well as it did. I myself miss the old radio message which I listened to daily, though as a podcast, but I rejoice that Crown is going on in this new form. We, the prayer partners , I am sure were all concerned to hear about Cyndi Balls health, and of coarse would like more of an update, yet I am sure that Dave will know that through all of this the hand of his heavenly Father was comforting him and His family. I can only imagine the stress of being so far away and the worry which we will naturally have. But, as you demonstrated during your trip,
    God Provides!

  2. Jim Wisler says:

    I was so honored to accompany you during our time in Brazil and witness the enthusiasm with which the Deus Provedor (God Provides) projest is being received. Your stamina and flexibility in so many different situations was impressive. Most of all the anointing of God was so evident and gratifying. I will continue to pray for Nobu as they progress to laundh in October.

  3. Jo Turner says:

    It’s so encouraging to hear of what Crown is doing in Brazil! Looking forward to the new book!

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