Barry Leathers of interviews Chuck Bentley on his new book, The Root of Riches:

How did you decide on the title The Root of Riches – What if everything you think about money is wrong?

First, I want readers to know that true riches are real and superior to all the false ways the world teaches us that we can get rich.  My goal is help the person to distinguish biblical financial truth from the financial philosophy of pop culture and the self-help material that fills the bookstores.

The subtitle is exactly where I found myself when I realized that everything I thought about money was wrong. It was a shock to my entire worldview to learn that my approach to money did not align with biblical truth.

Did you have a particular audience in mind when writing the book?

I wrote the book for the person who is trapped in the financial pain of scarcity or the stronghold of abundance—so it speaks to a wide spectrum of people. So much of the financial teaching today centers on the practical how-tos, the behaviors and steps that we are expected to emulate to improve our finances, and we skip right past the bigger issues. The vast majority of what the Lord says about money and possessions deals with our hearts and our beliefs. It we omit this understanding, we have missed everything; so I challenge the reader to examine what they believe.

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About Chuck Bentley

CEO, Crown Mininstries
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