Asia Interview with Eric Saw

Eric Saw is a Singaporean businessman with a heart for God and God’s economy. Eric runs a restaurant on a boat in Singapore Harbor, and on Sunday’s the upper deck of the boat is turned into a church. In 2009, Eric embarked on a massive project to restore the MV, Doulos into a floating restaurant, hotel, and church.

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CEO, Crown Mininstries
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One Response to Asia Interview with Eric Saw

  1. Dave says:

    I support your comments on the OWS protests Chuck! Keep up the great job of explaining this from a biblical perspective. I have heated discussions with mostly, for lack of a better term, “new age Christians. They attach themselves to a lot of the liberal “do gooder” discourse that Jesus would do what they are doing concerning so many social issues. I just can’t see Jesus supporting government taking from the haves and giving to the have nots. The way I understand it as to what Jesus wants us to do, is doing good from the heart because we love Him. Jesus wants us to use the money and resources He blesses us with to help the less fortunate and He will take care of the greedy in His own good timing, not to say there aren’t times we need laws to protect the innocent from being taken advantage of by shady businesses or individuals.

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