Asia Update from Charles Raymond

Crown volunteer and supporter, Charles Raymond, from Dallas, Texas, is with Chuck and the team from Crown in Asia. In this report, Charles shares his perspective on this incredible ministry opportunity.

About Chuck Bentley

CEO, Crown Mininstries
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One Response to Asia Update from Charles Raymond

  1. ice Funabashi says:

    How wonderful! You and the team of Crown Financial Ministries came to Here (H.K.), I wish I could meet you.
    Do you know I am looking for someone who follows God’s principles to achieve Debt-Free Living seriously and willing to give advice & teaching to our family too.
    I got the book “Debt-Free Living” by Mr Larry Burkett at book sale on the just past summer, his teaching is really far above the value I have paid for the book. So my children and I, we all read this book over the summer and enjoyed very much. And I also found his another book “Financial Parenting” in the library of H.K., it’s a great book and I strongly believe it’s really a “must read” book to everyone of us. Full of God’s truth for us to live rightly.
    Anyway, may Lord bless your ministries on your hand abundantly!

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