It’s Game 7 of the Economic World Series

Last week’s news coverage was dominated by two things—the deal to bail out Greece and the St. Louis Cardinals defeating the Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series. While the events seem unrelated, I think we can draw an important lesson from them.

I am not a huge sports fan as I think it’s generally a waste of time. I’m not against sports; it’s just that I would rather do something with my time other than watch someone else play a game.

But I have to admit that I tracked the World Series this year via radio (this allows me to multi-task) because I really like the game of baseball and wanted to see the Texas Rangers succeed this time around. I’m biased, being from Texas, but who could not be for the likes of Nolan Ryan or Josh Hamilton?

As the World Series played out, we got word that European leaders had “resolved” the Greek debt crisis and that the US economy had grown more than expected last quarter. All that “good news” was like a sugar high for the markets. US stocks rallied at a record pace, making October one of the single best months of growth since 2002. Wow, were we ever starved for some good news! Perhaps like many of you, I wondered why I had been so cautious and concerned. All of our economic problems were solved!

But the excitement didn’t last long. The next day, serious investors and analysts could not find any substantive details to the bailout plan other than a short-term dodge. The collapse of Greece would be averted by writing off 50% of the nation’s debt while also committing the Eurozone nations to billions more in bailout money.

To make matters worse, solvency problems began to surface in Portugal, raising fears again of a chain reaction of sovereign debt crises across the European Union. And to add to the drama, Greece has decided to put the bailout plan to a public vote to determine if they are willing to abide by the terms. The “Europhoria” was very short lived.

France’s largest bank, Societe Generale, just issued an analysis by Veronique Riches-Flores, which stated these sobering words, “We are all Greeks.”

She was bluntly pointing out that the member nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) all have unsustainable levels of debt. Essentially she made the case that both the US and European nations are facing tough choices ahead and that she foresees the need for austerity plans in most of the Western world.

Not only do I agree, but I believe the global economy will not recover until we experience the pain that comes from loss and make necessary corrections.  Otherwise, we’re simply passing on to our children and grandchildren the problems we created.

Loss is painful and unpopular, but it’s a real and natural part of life that can’t be avoided forever. It was painful to see the Rangers get so close (twice within one strike in Game 6) and not claim the title.

Compare the two locker rooms following the World Series. The Cardinal players were spraying champagne in each other’s faces, while the Rangers were somber and disillusioned, hoping to escape the glare of media attention.  It hurts to lose.

We are all now in a similar contest—call it the Economic World Series—and just as the favored Rangers did not expect to lose, many Americans are in denial about the economic perils we face. We have to stop thinking that we’re “too big to fail.” It can happen here.

We need a dose of economic reality to help us see the urgent need to cut our deficit spending, to take the hit now so we avoid something far worse down the road.

It’s not easy to spend less than you earn, save for the future, avoid debt and learn to be content with less. Will it feel good? Maybe, maybe not. But as athletes know, daily exercise and practice make us stronger and capable of our best effort.

The Bible puts it this way, “Steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty” (Proverbs 21:5 TLB).

In the days ahead, I urge you to start your “steady plodding.” Pay down your debts. Begin to save. Expect your elected officials to do the same. It’s Game 7 of the Economic World Series, and we need to be on our best game.

Response to Last Week’s Column

Last’s week’s reaction to my update, “Occupy Wall Street’s Dangerous Confusion of God and Government,” made me think I had kicked over the beehive. I was called the following: idiot, preacher of the false gospel, judgmental, a political hack and uninformed.

Frankly, I was surprised by how many Christians believe the movement is the best way to bring about reforms needed to reign in the “banksters” (a trendy term that puts the professional banker in the same light as a gangster). However, I still think they are supporting a dangerous ideology to bring about the reform they desire. Many sympathize with the stated cause as a way to help the poor. Again, replacing a personal responsibility given us by God with a government program is never the answer.

Winston Churchill said it this way, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Our beliefs are important. They are either based upon God’s Word or Man’s Word.  When I look at the rifts in our country that are bringing our economy to its knees, I think we need to stop viewing every issue as conservative vs. liberal and start asking, “Is it biblical?”

Chuck Bentley

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74 Responses to It’s Game 7 of the Economic World Series

  1. Don says:

    I agree, save 10%, give 10%, buy a house you can easily afford, buy used car you can easily afford, have no debt, and stop keeping up with public consumption.

  2. JW says:

    I, for one, found your comments about Occupy thoughtful, wise and, most importantly, Biblically-informed. While I personally found nothing to disagree with, I certainly can respect others with other perspectives. However, it always troubles me when folks with differing perspectives resort to ad hominem attacks instead of just sticking to debating the issues. “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” (Romans 12:18 ESV) I appreciate your stand for what (wrong or right) you are convinced is the truth of God – I respect that immensely. I couldn’t agree more with your recap above – love the Chruchill quote. Keep up the good work!

  3. Neil says:


    I am appalled but not surprised about the reactions you received from your article last week. I thought you were right on and even shared it with family and friends. We have been watching the decline of our major denominations both in number and in their belief/acceptance that the Bible says what it means and means what it says. The Christian church in America has bought into the current American culture of materialism, selfishness and entitlements. The economic pain has just begun. Maybe when the pain is great enough, our confused Christian brothers and sisters will reexamine their beliefs as to what the Bible really says. Christos Prematum Tenes

    • Tom W. says:

      Neil, excellent comment. I logged in to say nearly the same, albeit less tactfully and found your words to better express my thoughts. Thanks


    • Mark says:

      Neil, I agree. The Christian Church in America has not only bought into the culture of materialism, but obviously by the comments made, there are many people who have forgotten (or never knew) that the “welfare”, “social security” and other “programs” are things that the Church should be doing, not the federal government. Just imagine if the Church would come up with programs to help insure the social well-being of the unemployed, elderly, and those in need of health care and other areas in practical ways, like covering hospital bills of the uninsured, helping unemployed folks meet their needs and offer some sort of retirement plans, and not just of church members, but in a large scale public way. If the Church were doing these things in a substantial way the Church would be more respected and people would tend to put faith and trust in the God of the Church, instead of the government. A socialist-type government would have no place in America, because needs would be met by the people, not the government.

  4. Daniel says:

    The last two paragraphs are ‘on the spot’ eternal truth! We need to do the ‘hard thing’, and live by it. God help us to subjugate ourselves to the truth of scripture, and the obedience to the Spirit of God! Thanks.

  5. Rebecca Brooks says:

    Dear Chuck-

    I’m not sure why people vilified you for stating the truth! And it is either God’s Word or man’s word. Too many of us Christians have fallen into the trap of the world’s lies without even realizing it. Our hope is in the Lord; not in the Almighty Stock Market. I have to remind myself of this truth all of the time because I work with unbelievers who have put all of their trust (and money) in investments. Investments in this earth which are going to corrode and waste away! Thank you for your honesty and sharing the truth in spite of the name-calling. Our Lord was vilified and called names and the Bible says we will suffer the same in the last days.

    May God bless you! Rebecca

  6. Rick says:

    Keep up the honest writing about the state of our economic affairs! Thanks for sounding the alarm.

  7. Maura McHugh says:

    I agree with you that most people seem to ascribe to government the things that God does. To me that makes government an idol.

    Separately, I wonder what you would think of removing from the central government all those areas not designated to them by the condtitution, like education, health care, etc. and returning them to the states, along with a refund of a certain percentage ( like 50%, or 75%, whatever is proportionate to the amounts spent on those areas) of the monies collected from the residents in their state by payroll deduction. so they are funded to accomplish this. Then let the states take care of their own business, hire and spending locally to do it. This would help weaken the battering-ram of big money that the federal government uses to force our representatives to vote their way. on issues instead of representing their constituents. The federal government can use the balance to meet their responsibilities as outlined in the original constitution plus any amendments needed. Possibly the amendment process which could also be used to designate authority and also used to reign in the Supreme Court.

    I believe it would make it possible for taxpayers to keep a closer eye on expenditures and provide an incentive to balance the budget and hold legislaters responsible for their actual voting records.

  8. Hal Watson says:

    Right on. The reality is clear — we cannot keep spending more than we make, whether personal or government behavior. While Wall Street certainly needs some regulation, the much larger problem is that too many people are electing to not work, not be productive for themselves and society, and not supporting those who honestly need assistance. Taking all of the money of the top 1% of wealth won’t solve the problem. The government must 1) reduce spending, 2) eliminate regulations that stifle small businesses and economic growth, 3) incentivize people to work, not rely on government dole and 99 weeks of unemployment.

  9. William Harry says:

    You are on the wrong side of the Occupy Wall Street issue. The problem is not Left v. Right, or Democrat v. Republican, or Socialism v. Capitalism. The problem is a government that does not represent the interests of the people, but represents the interests of an occupying power. Our government has been taken over by a foreign money power, typified by the Rothschild,
    Warburg, Soros, Rockefeller interests. The behavior is criminal and treasonous, but voting has not helped correct it. Maybe the OWS people do not have the entire answer yet, and maybe we Christians should help direct it. The problem is based in the failure of our government to base decisions on Biblical truth. The Bible makes it clear that charging of interest is sin. It makes it clear that every 7 years, all debts must be canceled, and every 50 years the means of production must be re-distributed to prevent all wealth being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. Let’s educate the OWS people on God’s solution and stop defending the criminals in government and banks. It is also time to recognize that debt-based “Money” is not Biblical money, and it is not constitutional money. It is created out of nothing, but the interest required to be paid is never created, so it requires more borrowing.

    • Neil says:

      The Bible doesn’t say charging interest is a sin. God told Israel not to charge fellow Jews interest.

    • David P. Cole says:

      We can’t go back pull another era of history and assume that God wants us to recreate the past. Read more of the Bible about borrowing. I’m quite certain if you are the lender you want repaid, or why should you lend. Signing a contract and later saying, “Well, I really don’t intend on keeping my words, verbal or written.” This seems to be the character of stealing and/or fraud. I love your concern of keeping life simple. There are different ways to eliminate complications.

    • Vickie Brooks says:

      Several good points here. Must add though, it appears there are elements within the Occupy movement that have destruction not constructive reform as their goal. Movement needs to cleanse itself.

  10. Marcia Harding says:

    You are on the dime….don’t mince any words. Some of us can see and are paying attention to the handwriting on the wall. Thank you and God bless.

  11. Ofelia says:

    I feel last week’s article was a total disaster. This week you put more common sense into your words. BTW.. common sense is many things… except common. I agree, humans are terrible at accepting loses. But is only through loses that we grow, we humble ourselves, learn the meaning of “be content with less”, and CHANGE! Change meaning, save, don’t spend. If you only want it, chances are, you don’t need it.

  12. Gene Walter says:

    Thank you for sharing truth. I too, am concerned at the negative responses you received for your column. Truth is still truth, even if not popular!

  13. Mary says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your latest e-message. Thank you for sharing the truth with integrity and courage. Our Savior heard the voices of many detractors, so we ought to expect the same.

  14. Missy says:

    I am in agreement with you and have thought for sometime that the election might be derailed if marshall law were in effect. I also wondered if the supporters of the ‘Occupy’ movement have gone to a movie, concert or professional sports event. If there is a glaring difference in the rich and the poor it has definitely been flaunted by Hollywood and some of those in professional sports. It seems only bankers and stockbrokers are “filthy” rich.

  15. Joe M. says:

    Chuck, You are on the money with your analysis of this situation. Not to mention that this entire “movement” seems to be manufactured and forced by those who would try and produce social unrest. Be encouraged, and keep telling the truth we appreciate it.

  16. Cherry Hlava says:

    Chuck – You are right on the money. I fully agree with you on the “Occupy WS”. I sent your OWS article to a young friend who lost his business in the down turn housing market. He beat the bushes and found something….. not exactly what he wanted but is making a go of it. He read your story and loved it (not a strong Christian). He believes the OWS folks need to make better use of their time by getting out there & looking for work… he did.

  17. Minnesota Dave says:

    Thanks for the truth, Chuck. The Occupy Wallstreet prostesters don’t have a clue what this country would be like without a capitalistic economy – no motives for success and development, fewer and lower paying jobs, and so much more. Yes, there are selfish bad eggs out there, but they are a minority that make it look bad for the rest. Most corporate execs are great and bring huge economic value to our country. Most bankers are honest, working hard to do the right things. “Banks” and “Corporations” do not lie, cheat and steal – a very few wicked greedy people do. They are a the prime example from I Timothy, “Those who want to get rich will find themselves in a deep hurt bag.”


  18. kollito says:

    As a Bible believing Christian, I’m amazed how the recession and the accompany movements (Tea Party and Occupy) are revealing the true allegience/god (MONEY) of many evangelical Christians in our country. Both movements are a clear demonstration of the failures of our financial/economic, political and religious systems. The people have lost confidence in the system to provide a level playing field for all. Your embrace of the Tea Party Movement and condemnation of the Occupy Movement, reflect your misunderstanding of what’s going in this country and the world at large and your political bias. People on all sides are frustrated and angry and will demand change. A protest against greed; especially after the banks have received billions of dollars of taxpayers borrowed money, is certainly not unbiblical! Remember, Our Lord Jesus Christ turned over the money changers tables in the Temple and drove them out. I’m afraid what you and other religious class might have said about Jesus if you lived in His day! Please pray for discernment and listen carefully to the Holy Spirit before judging the “winds” that are blowing through our land and around the world! They are mainly to wake up His wake up his people (The Church) to true holiness and dependence on Him and Him alone and not on mammoth. I’m afraid MONEY is the dominate driver of many, many people and organizations who claim to be Christian.
    READ Amos and Joel again and may the Lord give you insight.

    • Neil says:

      The purpose of the “systems” is to provide a “level playing field”? If you mean fairness and honesty, I agree. If you mean equal results for individual labor, I don’t agree. We all have different abilities, talents, etc., and results will vary on our use of them. If someone outperforms me, I don’t deserve an equal reward.

  19. George says:

    I thought last week’s article was awesome! You did a great job of expressing your concerns and I have shared your article with many people this week. You’re right, losing hurts, but winning oftentimes brings out the worse in us. We act from a spirit of pride thinking we are invincible and without problem. How dimly we see what’s happening here.

  20. Damian says:

    One thing I got from last weeks column was that you don’t like Dave Ramsey. Why he has made a lot of sense and he does a lot of good. You say you are supprised that so many Christains agree with Occupy. What makes you so sure they are Christain. The proof is in the fruit that they produce, if any. You have some sound princibles, but you are using old testament reasoning. the old covenant has been done away with and the new one of Grace is in place. I like to refer to it as the as the covenant of love. You seem to like to many rules, love covers all that. Keep on seeking.

    • Jim Wisler says:

      Isn’t it a big leap to assume that Chuck “does not like Dave Ramsey” simply because of disagreeing with an opinion of Dave’s? I don’t agree with what you stated but I don’t dislike you.

  21. Carrie says:

    Hey Chuck – Wow this last article was great; I have Really enjoyed all the articles. I am sorry that you have been the target of HORRIBLE words ( having been called SO many HORRIBLE things); I FULLLLLY DISAGREE with such HORRIBLE words – I KNOW you are GOD SENT and ALWAYS THANKFUL for your insite and willingness to share with all of us!!! I think you are WONDERFUL and the Lord is DEEPLY BLESSING you with such insite and wisdom, Keep up the GREAT work!! You, your family, and staff are in our thoughts and prayers. May the Lord BLESS you as DEEPLY as you BLESS all of US!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  22. Krista Reck says:

    Speak the truth and then wait.
    Your comments on Occupy Wall Street were the truth.

  23. Deanna says:

    A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left. Ecclesiastes 10:2

  24. Maybe you should humbly consider that the many Christians who disagree with your take on the Occupy movement just might have a case. I disagree with you strongly on biblical and logical grounds, as I spelled out on Sam Hall’s blog, which carried your article. Among many other points I believe it is shameful and unChrisian for you to label these people as communists and socialists and to say they are moved by envy. When did God give you power to look into people’s hearts and discern their motives? I believe you and Jesus are on direct opposite sides in this matter, and I can only hope for your sake that your sin is not intentional.

    • Neil says:

      Sounds like you’re the pot calling the kettle black.

    • David says:

      Thanks so much for your post Stanley. Many influencial interests, both secular and religious, have been encouraged and manipulated to say certain things, and take certain positions. If Jesus were around, he would make the incident in the temple with the money changers, look like a walk in the park.

    • Minnesota Dave says:

      Stanley, you seem to be the only one to think Chuck labled anyone as “socialist or communist.” That is not what he said. Though many/most of the people in this protest are very well meaning, they do not realize that what they are asking for relates very directly to how socialism “provides for the people.” Relating to his comment about envy – Scripture says, “By your fruit you shall know them.” Listen to them. Look at what they are doing and saying. Now many of them are turning to destruction of innocent victim business that happen to be in their way. I don’t know what is their hearts, but it looks to me like envy and hate are what are motivating many of them.

      • Just plain wrong, Minnesota Dave. Here is exactly what Chuck said: “The protesters’ solution is twisted and based on another sin—envy. They should abandon their desire for communism and espouse one of God’s key financial principles, that we should avoid greed and love people more than we love money or possessions.” He said “the protesters,” not some among them, He said, “are based on . . .envy,” not appear to be based on envy. He spoke of their “desire for communism,” not that he thinks their movement could lead to communism or is consistent with communism.
        Your last sentence is what Chuck might better have said, but unfortunately is not what he actually said.
        Neil is wrong too, about me being a pot calling a kettle black. I assume he refers to my assigning “sin” to Chuck for saying the protesters were guilty of the sin of envy. But, Neil, there is a difference in saying someone sinned because YOU THINK that is their heart motivation, and saying someone sinned because they committed an open and public sin. You do not know people’s hearts, even when you think their fruit is bad. But you do know that certain behaviors are wrong in and of themselves. Slander is a wrong and sinful act. “Get rid of all . . . slander” (Eph. 4:31).. “But now you must rid yourself of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander (Col. 3:8). It is also a violation of the Ninth Commandment: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” (Exodus 20:16).

      • Minnesota Dave says:

        Read Dave Ramsey’s post. You’ll find the link on someone else’s comment.
        You have a right to your opinion. So do others. Do as I said before, challenge their facts if you like, but not their opinion or their person.

      • OK, I did read Dave Ramsey’s piece and find it more balanced than Chuck’s. Ramsey makes some very good points. He still ends up saying, “So to summarize, I’m not very impressed at the moment. I’m not impressed by your temper fit. I’m not impressed at your lack of goals and focus. I’m not impressed by the fact that the only thing I see about your movement is ignorance, immaturity and envy. Grow up—and get a job.”

        The only thing he sees? Great numbers of people see much else. Calling them ignorant, immature, and envious is just more slander. This is one of the great problems in our country today. People make huge assumptions. Then they act as if those assumptions are facts. Then they unjustly attack others. Jesus said, “Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment.” Many Christians disobey this admonition with shameful regularity.

        Also, I see now that the “unfocused and vague” protesters are pushing concrete actions to punish the big banks by withdrawing their accounts. Is that specific enough?

        And the idea that the protests ought to be against Washington not Wall Street is like saying anger over wrongdoing should be at cops rather than at criminals. Sometimes it should be against both, and this is one of those times. It’s not an either/or situation. To say so smacks of an attempt to silence legitimate protest.

  25. Rexann says:

    I totally agree with you. Socialism isn’t the way to handle. For instance, I heard on the news how the president is assisting homeowners who are close to foreclosure and my first thought was how about helping those that are paying there bills? Why not let mortgages and debts become delinquent since the government will write it off anyway?
    My momma didn’t raise me that way and I thank God everyday!!!
    I love reading your blog. Thank you!

  26. Deb in Boise, ID says:

    Appreciate your honesty and being willing to take an unpopular stand. Dave Ramseys newsletter just today had an AMAZING point br point response to the Wall Street Protesters — really shed the light of TRUTH on the subject and gave GODS PERSPECTIVE on the issue. Thx for being there for us!

  27. Bob says:

    Great words of advice. I enjoy the weekly teaching.

  28. Brian Johnson says:

    Thanks for a fresh look at the economic issues surrounding not only our nation but our world. I appreciate your straightforward perspective that is biblically based and I agree that we cannot look to man or government to be our savior. As Tim Keller points out in his book Counterfit Gods we must guard against creating idols in our lives. One idol he mentions is that of the government and we should look to God for wisdom and direction during these tumultuous times.

  29. Jewel Miller says:

    Be encouraged. The beehive needed kicking over.

  30. Vickie Brooks says:

    Thank you Chuck for sharing a clear and Biblical perspective on not only economics & financial matters but also how the condition of our hearts affects the same.

  31. Kent says:

    I work in the financial markets and manage pension fund investments for food workers, carpenters, electricians, etc. Banks and Wall Street are actually requiring borrowers to be more fiscally conservative by requiring larger down payments and better credit scores to get loans. My question is why the protesters are not in Washington protesting two things: insane government spending and the perpetuation of bad government policy that got us into this mess. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and to a certain extent Ginnie Mae caused the housing debacle not Wall Street. Write your congressmen and senators, the Obama Administration is now looking for the government to take over virtually all student loans. This will end up with the same results we have with housing.

    • David says:

      Nice try, but need to get your facts straight on the “housing debacle”. Try looking under the mortgage/investment constructs created by the Wall Street investment houses, derivatives, etc. By the way, people are in DC protesting.

  32. Joan says:

    Thank you Chuck for renewing our minds to God’s economy.

  33. Chuck M. says:

    Chuck THANK you for having the guts to tell what has been going on for years and most people have there head in the sand.

  34. Karen says:

    Mr. Bentley, just wanted to encourage your insights and thinking. We couldn’t agree with you more. We are raising 6 children have a farm own a restaurant and I work from home..we live pay check to pay check trying to make ends meet..I forward your column to our older children in high school and college, I think it is so different from what they hear in their schools. I am in prayer for our country and pray we are united on our knees not in front of wall street or anywhere else but at the foot of the cross. I don’t typically respond to things, too busy trying taking care of daily life but please know we really appreciate your ministry and encouragement and sound biblical teaching. Blessing to you and your staff and families!

  35. Jody says:

    I just wanted to express my support. I whole-heartedly agreed with your Occupy Wall Street column and thought that you expressed thoughts that many of us have. You are blessed with a gift of being able to express your thoughts in such a clear and consise way. I enjoy reading your articles and often share it with my family and friends. Keep speaking truth based on God’s word. We may not always appreciate it, but we definitely need to hear it!

  36. Mike Lamb says:

    Thanks for tackling such a controversial topic. I wish religious leaders would dig further into the matter and realize that the fountain head of all this corruption is the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel which was unconstitutional until 1913, along with the Income Tax, also unconstitutional until passed in 1913. The Federal Reserve Banksters have been looting our country for almost 100 years now, and until the Fedreal Reserve Banking Cartel is abolished things will only get worse, and worse, and worse. When Greenspan saw to it that Glass- Stegall was abolished in 1998 that opened up unlimited amounts of fraud involving deriviative sales by banks. If you research the amount owed globally it is somewhere between 12 and 30 times the GDP of planet Earth. Only the wonderful people of Iceland have been smart enough to realize this Fraud can never be repaid, we must do as they did and default on it, or have a Jubilee as in the Bible. Either way the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel (think Drug Cartel, Oil Cartel) must be abolished. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

  37. Brenda says:

    Thank you for speaking about this uprising occurring in our nation. Mistakes have been made, and correction does hurt. God’s Word must be our guide, being wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
    Many believe they deserve things they have never toiled for. As the same many have toiled hard and don’t receive.I do pray for mercy on us all. Thanks for the Churchhill quote, and be encouraged. Keep up the good work.

  38. David says:

    Chuck- you obviously are one who “JUST DOESN’T GET IT”….I suspicion it may be because you are a little too insulated in the wallet area. I am a sports fan. I enjoy competition…..on a level playing field. I enjoy a contest where great things can be accomplished on the field of possibility, but where penalties are applied when fouls occur.
    Many penalties have and continue to happen in the marketplace, in the halls of congress, in and out of committees…but in particular, no upper management in banking/investment have been brought for prosecution to date.
    You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. I fully expect that if I have acted unethically, or illegally, I can expect recrimination and or fines, penalties, and possibly jail.
    The Greeks unfortunately bought the same lies and manuevering of Goldman-Sachs as did many others. They just have a harder time “printing money” than we do here in the good ol’ USA.
    By the way, Chuck, I think Jesus would be pretty (deleted) over this as well. I kind of think he might just be out there with the rest of the Poor Folk, protesting…of all things….sin.

  39. Z. Cone says:

    As a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace facilitator and former Crown Bible Study leader, I have to say, I can’t believe how many Christians don’t “get” personal responsibility. Keep up the good work Chuck. You are not alone.A couple left our course last week because my husband told them they were their own responsibility not the churches’!

    • Hope says:

      What about the widow and the fatherless should the church turn them away when they are doing all they can but still not making it

  40. Dottie Williams says:

    I have to be honest; I thought about removing my money to a credit union, but then I thought, if everyone takes their money out of the banks, we would probably end up in worse trouble than we are in now. I didn’t panic when the market crashed a few years ago, and since God is in control of all that I have, I need not panic now. He is more than able to see me through the upcoming troubles. I do know the world is definitely headed for economic collapse. But the bills I owe are God’s as well as the wealth He is allowing me to manage for His glory. Even though it’s tempting to panic and go with the crowd, God has promised me, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Matthew 28:20

  41. Sylvia says:

    I appreciate your stand. I am finding that many people who call themselves Christians may not be genuine Christians. I was always taught that buy your fruits you shall know them, I do not see godly fruit. Keep up the good work.

  42. Carl says:

    GOOD JOB CHUCK, in last weeks post, regarding the ‘Occupy’ movement.
    You described it better than I can.
    My 21 year old (can not find work) son wanted to go and participate in the demonstrations in Oakland two weeks ago. I tried to explain the Marxist undertones of the ‘take from the rich – give to the poor’ mentality, vs the values underlying ‘A days work-for a days pay’, and the conflict with the ‘Take what is due me’ selfishness, and the contrast in results that either philosophy can bring.
    Your article helped confirm my observations, and others.
    Knowing our God, His character and teachings, keeps us focused on what really matters.
    Lets each do our part, with love, to show others HIS Love.
    Thanks Chuck, keep up the good Work.

    CJ (full time seeker of a job)

  43. Jill says:

    Thank you for speaking the Truth in spite of criticism (Take heart, Jesus was continually criticized for speaking the Truth too). We should consider ourselves warned – every action that does not honor God has negative consequences, whether its carried out in our lifetime or at the final Judgement. Some verses from I Peter 4 to encourage us:

    v4-5: “[Peagans] are surprised that you do not join them in their reckless, wild living, and they heap abuse on you.But they will have to give account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead.”

    v12-14: “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice inasmuch as you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed. If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.”

    v19: “So then, those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good.”

  44. Karla Anderson says:

    I think you’re right on Chuck, I can’t understand where all the takers (wallstreet prostesters) think where money comes from. Socialists governing is a recipe for coruptness at the top, you can be sure they think they should never be in want for nothing, and they are going to bully you into paying their way, they don’t know how to work for a living, they only know how to take it from someone else for their own use!!!!

  45. Sharon says:

    best thing I have heard in a long time.”replacing a personal responsibility given us by God with a government progam is never the answer”

  46. debbspink says:

    Thank you for your perspective on what is happening with our economy and the economies of the world. I agree with your perspective no matter what the ridicule.

  47. Dan says:

    Thanks Chuck for the honest truth about pain and correction. Keep it coming we need more of it and more people to hear the hard truth even though not fun or popular.

    Also Dave Ramsey wrote a great piece on OWS.

  48. Shirley Curry says:

    Keep up the good work! God bless you

  49. Mark says:

    The Christian Church in America has not only bought into the culture of materialism, but obviously by the comments made, there are many people who have forgotten (or never knew) that the “welfare”, “social security” and other “programs” are things that the Church should be doing, not the federal government. Just imagine if the Church would come up with programs to help insure the social well-being of the unemployed, elderly, and those in need of health care and other areas in practical ways, like covering hospital bills of the uninsured, helping unemployed folks meet their needs and offer some sort of retirement plans, and not just of church members, but in a large scale public way. If the Church were doing these things in a substantial way the Church would be more respected and people would tend to put faith and trust in the God of the Church, instead of the government. A socialist-type government would have no place in America, because needs would be met by the people, not the government.

  50. Hope says:

    Hi Chuck love your Bible based teaching…I think we have a big problem in our churches when pastors literally turn tithing widows with fatherless children away when all they need is a gallon of milk pastors also instruct them to go to welfare first then maybe we can help how the Lord must be grieved

  51. Rayna Barker says:

    You said, “I think we need to stop viewing every issue as conservative vs. liberal and start asking, “Is it biblical?” ” Amen, brother! Be encouraged…we must speak the truth even amongst critics. Thanks for your commitment to the Word.

  52. Robert says:

    kollito understanding is shallow to the real problems we face. Kent has definitely made a valid point of asking — “My question is why the protesters are not in Washington protesting two things: insane government spending and the perpetuation of bad government policy that got us into this mess.” Many need to do research on how the Fed. Reserve (not federal) came about, its role, and how our government has minipulated and robbed us as people through it.. Politicians remind me of a great big wood stove that continuiosly needs to be feed. Give me your money because I know best how to spend it. They then ask for more to try and cover up their mistakes and waste.
    God Bless you Chuck and thank you for your insight!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. matthew says:

    Thank you Chuck for a positive outreach to help through a difficult time. Your book Root of Riches now read through twice and then some….today I have made the choice to accept the responsibility on of page 178…All these years I thought I knew God it was not until reading this book that the key was the “searching” it is this detail of searching his word that has solidified my faith in Christ and a new “root” has been planted……thank you for your work

  54. JAMES KIMANI says:

    Good job Chuck! l really like the simple way you connect the dots between the real world and what the word of God says. Also, very importantly, the philosophy of keeping it simple that you always seek to convey to everyone, is simply the answer to most of our country’s ills. And its also encouraging to see that you are not fazed by naysayers who would rather insult than critique. l am no Christian but you have enabled me understand the concept of “God’s economy” in a new light. Thanx a bunch and keep up the good work!

  55. Wow, Chuck! You aren’t busy enough are you? I am amazed at your multimedia outreach and at your ability to maintain focus in God’s light.

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