MoneyLife Videocast November 7, 2011

In this week’s edition of MoneyLife, Chuck shares a unique perspective on the European Sovereign Debt Crisis then Jerry Bailey from Michigan joins Chuck to talk about how he and his wife Sue erased $92,000 of consumer debt…on a pastor’s salary! Finally, Chuck will give you 6 ways to cut your car loan.

About Chuck Bentley

CEO, Crown Mininstries
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One Response to MoneyLife Videocast November 7, 2011

  1. Tami says:

    there is a misunderstanding when the people cry out in pain due to greed. We are not jealous or envious of the wealthy; most of us have been ripped off!
    We are honest hard working Christians that worked to have to American dream only to have lying, thieves steal it from under us.
    Personally I saved 25, 000 deposit for a home. I chose a $100,000 home and put down 1000 earnest money. But a conniving realtor for a house that I’d seen called and made deal after deal to get me into the bigger home.
    She stated facts that turned out to be lies; like “your monthly payments will be the same and unlike that other house the value of this one will double in a few years!”
    But she conveniently forgot to mention there were 4 tax entities that were not escrowed and huge HOA fees. When I couldn’t pay the 8000 in taxes the second year they offered to refinance this time giving me and ARM; and you guessed it. 165,000 later, I have no home and terrible credit. We are NOT envious of greedy thieves; We would just like to be seen as hard working folks who were the victims of a loose regulations and preyed upon by wolves who knew full well what they were doing. Please have some compassion! Stop attacking the victims. Gov is supposed to protect us by reasonable regulations.

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