MoneyLife Videocast for December 12, 2011

Today, Chuck talks about our addiction to “Hopium” and the potential destruction it can cause to our country and to our own personal finances. Then, he turns his attention to one of his favorite topics: gift cards. Though he is not an advocate of the little devices, he will give you some ways to get the most out of the ones you receive this year.

About Chuck Bentley

CEO, Crown Mininstries
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One Response to MoneyLife Videocast for December 12, 2011

  1. Robert Smith says:

    We are working towards eliminating all debt. Fortunately, after this month we will only have debt on a second residence in which I live more than 1/2 time. We did this since my job requires me to split time between two offices. Currently, we have listed the second home for sale and are praying we will get the right offer so we can eliminate that debt. Your point on Hopium is well taken and i agree we have a global mess on our hands. One question: Where is the safest place to keep savings, retirement and other funds? Are we in such a mess that you feel there is risk even with savings accounts at local banks? Frankly, i place little faith in the FDIC coverage as that fund has experienced depletion and although improving a real dire situation would likely bankrupt it. Furthermore, i have slowly developed little or no faith in the markets and unfortunately wonder if we can trust any companies we invest in.

    Thank you for your programs and any direction on safe savings and investing will be appreciated.

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