Exposing the myth that government eliminates poverty

My article on “Exposing the myth that government eliminates poverty” just went live on Humanevents.com. Read it and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Exposing the myth that government eliminates poverty

  1. mgarverick says:

    Hi Chuck and thanks for your commentary on the efficiency of governments to run peoples lives. It was never the purpose of governments to do that, but rather to provide for the common needs that needed an advocate that would manage these activities, like the common defence, interstate and international transactions and one would consider even the mail. However, governments have assumed a much greater role due to the increasing lack of interest in the citizens of countries to provide these services for themselves.
    I do not think there are sufficient resources available to satisfy the demands a big government would put on their nation to ensure that everyone would have a chicken in every pot. Your identification of the success of the war on poverty and Medicare are two good examples of where the desire to do the right thing under the control of a government agency fails to serve the very people it was designed to help and instead it serves the organization developed to manage the activity. What is missing is the heart to do the work as a mission rather than a job.
    And, as you note, the availability of funds to perform these functions can quickly dry up when the rest of the world decided to not fund our debt.
    We need to encourage the church to return to its fundamental ministries as a storehouse and equip others to serve their neighbors as well as themselves. Crown is “doing well” to train others for this task.

  2. John Neuberger says:

    O.K. let’s talk about what in our Legislative Branch of our Federal Govt. needs to be changed.
    Congress is broken, operates by rules that “we the people” would not approve of and by the use
    of “ear marks” has been raiding/stealing from our US Treasury for over 100years. Hence, they have
    rung up over $16 TRILLION in borrowing. Interest cost on that debt is sickning! Electing a new President or even electing new Senators or Congressmen won’t change much, unless “we the people” set out and agree on some Congressional Reforms. Radiacal, yep, it’s time to think radical and go for a Constitutional Ammendment that would or could actually correct the way Congress can now operate. Respectfuly-JWN

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