October Baby – A surprise economic stimulus

One of the most nonsensical positions ever taken by a politician was that of a former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives who argued for inclusion of $200 million dollars in taxpayer subsidies for Planned Parenthood in the ill-fated 2009 stimulus package. This politician thought it would be good for the economy.1 Yes, this elected leader actually argued that more abortions, which lead to fewer American citizens, are a form of economic stimulus.

Simple logic contradicts this premise. People are good for an economy. Without them, there is no economy, much less economic growth.

Unfortunately, the idea that abortion makes economic sense is pervasive in modern American culture. One of the dominant factors for women choosing to abort is their financial condition. We have an epidemic of women fearful of their inability to provide for their children and electing to conveniently eliminate the life of the child in the sterile environment of a doctor’s office. It is a tragic choice for everyone involved and for the future of our country.

My good friends Jon and Andy Erwin have brilliantly addressed the topics of abortion, adoption and the beauty of choosing life in their first box office film,October Baby. It opened two weeks ago making the Top 10 in box office sales in spite of being a “limited release,” meaning it had relatively far fewer theatres airing the film than all the others on the Top 10 list. It also accomplished this without major Hollywood studio backing.

The Erwin Brothers achievement is remarkable on many levels and worthy of your support.

I personally give the film two thumbs up and encourage you to see it. October Baby is one of the first films to ever highlight the positive impact of choosing life. It is not an “anti-abortion” film laden with guilt and condemnation or graphic imagery; rather it is a compelling story that celebrates redemption brought about through love, grace and forgiveness, the very qualities that are necessary for all of us, regardless of our sins.

While it has received scorn and disdain from Hollywood, which rejected it outright as too controversial, and unmerciful reviews by many movie critics, viewers—regular folks like you and me—are raving about October Baby. This praise is warranted for many reasons.

First, it is an engaging story with beautiful cinematography and high quality acting performances by John Schneider, Jasmine Guy, Rachel Hendrix and Jason Burkey.  But more noteworthy, is it much deeper than mere entertainment. The story is potent and capable of impacting lives with a strong Christian message while avoiding overt preaching to the audience. This film is capable of saving babies, restoring damaged souls and inspiring families to adopt God’s most precious creation, a living, breathing child.

I have followed the film closely, reading all of the reviews from the recent New York Times article to Roger Ebert’s jaded assessment. But my favorite is the poignant personal story of Pastor Michael Catt of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. His words tug at the heart, particularly if you’ve been touched by adoption.

This is not another bland offering that you should support because it is a “Christian film.”  October Baby deserves your support because it conveys a powerful message of hope and truth in the language of modern culture. It is simply a great movie.  This is a rare opportunity for Christians often frustrated by our politically correct society to advance genuine economic stimulus—more beautiful children, more beautiful families, more love and grace.

Do you too want to combat the lies destroying our culture with a platform of influence as large as the American box office? This is your chance.  Join me and buy your tickets now. Tell your friends, take them with you this Easter weekend and purchase the DVD when it comes available.

What a wonderful way to celebrate the One who gives us life.

Happy Easter!

1Jennifer Parker, “Pelosi Defends Family Planning Spending in Stimulus Package,” ABC News.com, Jan. 25, 2009, http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2009/01/pelosi-defends/.

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